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How to pick the right business name

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I grew up in apartheid South Africa. Mum, dad, myself and my two sisters and baby brother. We lived in a small bush town nestled on the border of the world famous Kruger National Park. (It’s where most of my family still live to this day).

The community is filled with people who know, love and support each other. Yes, it is a small town and everyone knows your business (which as a teenager made me want to escape), but everyone has your back – always.

This is why I named by business White River Design after my hometown, White River. (more…)

Confessions of a graphic designer

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Are you a plumber with a leaky tap?

As a graphic designer by trade and a brand strategist by profession, you would think that I’d have my act together when it comes to my own personal branding.

But the truth is that I don’t.


Pricing matters but customer service matters more

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Does price matter?

It’s a question that many of us business owners grapple with. Often (especially as start ups) we believe we have to be competitive on price to get our customers to do business with us.

I don’t always agree with this thinking.

A number of years ago my husband, David and I decided that we wanted to (more…)

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