I only discovered that I had an entrepreneurial spirit when there was just no other choice.

But isn’t that often the way? As they say diamonds are created through pressure. I am now grateful that all those many years ago, when my boss refused to give me maternity leave, that I decided to blaze my own trail.

The power of CAN is undeniable.

White River Design

WRD is a multi-award winning graphic design agency that specialises in building brands with personality.

In that sense, we’re so much more than graphic designers. We’re brand specialists who understand the big picture of marketing. We bring this understanding to every job we do, giving our clients so much more clarity on their business and brand direction.

And while we focus on creating brands and design that gets our clients the attention they deserve, we’re pretty partial to a bit of attention ourselves. With a number of Sydney Design Awards under our belt, as well as an international Stevie Award and too many business awards to count, you could say we like being recognised for the awesomeness we bring to the table!


Brand Personalities

When I create a brand for my clients, I want to develop a connection between customers and the business. To do this, I need to not only understand the business, but its brand personality.

Based on the original concepts developed by Carl Jung, I created a powerful word association game that each client runs through. Working through concepts and identifying the descriptive words that best align with their business, Brand Personalities tells us the personality behind the business. That is, the inherent brand personality that people relate to when they assess whether a brand is attractive to them. We’ve discovered heroes, seducers, entertainers, explorers and so much more… keen to play?


Brand Magic® Masterclass

This was a no-brainer for me. Consulting to the large corporates is fun, but small businesses need just as much branding advice. The problem is, they don’t have the budgets to hire a specialist consultant.

Enter the Brand Magic® Masterclass. It’s an online program to teach anyone who’s keen – from sole traders and small business through to corporates – all of the juicy secrets to creating a brand that keeps customers coming back for more.

And the response has been phenomenal. I’ve been able to help business owners Australia-wide, as well as internationally – discover the hidden gems that let them transform their brand and boost their business.


The Creative Fringe

So… I have these awesome businesses. But where to work? Where to bring all of the creative minds together to collaborate and caffeinate?

The answer was simple. The Creative Fringe.

A coworking space like no other, The Creative Fringe is an eclectic converted workshop that provides shared desks, meeting rooms and training rooms for consultants, small business owners, freelancers and commuters to work. We collaborate and generating connections while providing a supportive and inspiring place to work.

Kind of like your general work office… not.


The Creative Fringe co-working Penrith

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