Not sure how to position your brand to give your business the edge?

I can help.

A strong brand is so much more than a logo. It should underpin every element of your marketing – from what you say and how you say it through to what you do.

If your marketing isn’t giving you the results you need, it may not be the marketing itself. Just like a half-baked foundation won’t support a quality home, you can’t deliver marketing brilliance if you don’t have a brand with backbone.

So if your brand is feeling a little limp, let’s collaborate.

It’s time to transform your brand from an expense into an asset.

Take your marketing to the next level with brand mentoring

With so many layers to branding, it’s no wonder that many reduce it to tangible collateral, such as a logo. If you’re stuck, and not getting the results that you’re after with your marketing, it could be because of your brand.

From identifying your positioning and brand personality, to creating your brand story and beyond, we’ll transform your business from ordinary to extraordinary.

Pick my brain

I can work with you for as little or as many hours as you would like while you pick my brain.

Pick My Brain can be done via phone or Skype for hourly sessions, or face-to-face if over two hours.

Brand Strategy Consultation

Generally a day in length, I’ll work with you in-house to facilitate a complete brand strategy consultation.

We’ll not only identify your brand personality, but also develop a strategy to bring it to life.

In-house Authority

I partner with a number of design studios, agencies and corporates as their in-house branding authority.

Working with your in-house marketing and design team, I’ll provide a sounding board and direction for your branding project.

And of course, there’s always the Brand Magic® Masterclass for those who prefer a self-paced, online learning experience.

Let’s Collaborate!

Would your business benefit from consulting with Australia’s leading branding strategist? Let’s talk!

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